My job (as I like to think about it) is to create the best possible scenario for telling a story. A place that connects with people, that arouses their interest and that through their appreciation, seeks to give value and meaning.

My name is Carla Sologuren, I’m a Peruvian exhibition designer based in Barcelona. I’m interested in all kinds of art and cultural expressions. I like reading, traveling, writing and working with people from different cultures. Discovering new things had always inspired me to create and share them with others. I’m constantly researching and I'm always willing to talk, discuss and collaborate in new projects.

What do I do?


Photographs, measurements, site plans, elements, materials and specifications of the current stage of the project.


Information of the subject, audience, target, place, space, permissions, team and messages for the proposal.


The concept, objectives, justification, settings schemes, objects, furniture, 3D images and general plans.


All blueprints, from the general ones to each setting piece, and a Gantt for viewing the scheduled tasks.


The development of each setting with all it's components and supervising the whole process.


Packing and moving all pieces to the exhibition place to install them according to the site plans.